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hi, I'm dina mehulić

Customer Experience Leader & Strategist

The key to success in today's competitive marketplace is to put the Customer Experience (CX) at the heart of your business strategy. Experience-led growth strategies build trust, boost customer engagement, satisfaction & foster long-term relationships with your customers.

Experience-led growth is a radically different approach—providing an exceptional customer experience to existing customers along the entire customer lifecycle translates directly into sustainable revenue growth.

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The 3 Steps of Experience-Led Growth

Set bold & sustainable growth aspirations 

Let's transform your business by reinventing customer-centricity, by first setting clear growth aspiration and brand purpose, we start by painting a vision of the future—that describes how you will deliver on your brand promise and linked it clearly to value & how we measure success.

Develop a customer-centric strategy

Develop a customer-centric strategy built on customer needs & pain points standing in the way of growth. Focusing on (re)designing & innovating your Customer Journey, Services, Products & Business Models.

Craft New Stories & Capabilities

Enable the transformation by crafting compelling (internal & external) stories & capabilities that enable the change, from organisational culture to building new capabilities—ranging from design thinking, to cross-functional collaboration & DEI frameworks.

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how I can help you grow



Being customer-centric and shifting the focus from product to customer and addressing their needs first can radically improve the CX before and after the sale in order to drive repeat business, enhance customer loyalty and improve business growth.

I use the Design Thinking Approach that helps create optimal experiences and build solutions based on authentic customer insights like customer journey maps.  

Read here how this problem-solving approach can create new opportunities for your business.


Your content strategy is the foundation of everything you create. It's the invisible force that drives your story and is always ready to be referenced by you and your team. 

My hands-on workshop provides an MVP of brand strategy that leads to killer content ideas. By learning (or re-learning) who you are as a brand, who your talking to where, you'll know exactly what you want to say.Say goodbye to aimless content and hello to purposeful engagement!



Experience-led growth strategies must also devote resources to shifting organizational cultures and building new capabilities, both among executives and frontline staff. These new capabilities—ranging from design thinking, to cross-functional collaboration, to effective use of Future frameworks to help ensure long term sustainable growth.

My proprietary Digital Transformation Diagnostic Tool assesses the current state of your organization and helps you better navigate structural changes and build capabilities for the Future.

Read about my unique framework that can help you get all stakeholders on board, remove barriers, and reduce resistance to change.

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Are you ready to transform your brand into a customer centric business and drive sustainable growth, let's connect today.

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