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Results with a Lasting Impact

I really enjoyed collaborating with IKEA on the hej 1150 cutting edge and culturally transforming project. Creating a user-centric content and communication strategy was a challenging yet rewarding experience. From the early planning all the way through the implementation process, IKEA was a wonderful partner to work with driven with passion and creativity.



Imapactfull Storytelling

I’ve collaborated with mastercard® on a wide range of influencers and innovative digital marketing solutions. From the initial ideation stages to more complex implementation, our projects - as the This is Vienna influencer campaign, consistently delivered tangible results that created globally acknowledged best use cases for the client.



User-generated Results

We had a specific vision in mind when we started working together with Häagen Dazs on Austria's first user-generated digital and outdoor campaign. Through our creative and innovative collaboration, we managed to bring this vision to life with exceptional results - over 11Mio contacts and 1.000 user-generated outdoor assets.



Data-driven content Strategy

Verbund – Austria's leading electricity company, saw early on the importance of demonstrating the contribution of content to their brand’s ROI. Co-creating a data-driven content strategy with Verbund´s digital, marketing, and PR specialists proved once again that strong agency-client collaboration is the key ingredient for great results.

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